36º South offers premium beef of the highest quality, exquisitely bred and produced in Southern Australia’s world-famous food and wine region of Coonawarra. Teys 36º South offers unrivalled taste and succulent, full-flavoured beef, placing the Coonawarra region into the spotlight as one of the country’s leading quality beef producers.

Coonawarra is South Australia’s food and wine haven, boasting world-class drops and beautiful countryside. A lesser known fact about the region is its pristine quality beef that roams the undisturbed landscape. With rolling hillsides for miles and a temperate climate, the Coonawarra wine region is the perfect setting for raising pristine-quality cattle – alongside the flourishing winery trails.

36º South offers premium beef of the highest quality, texture and flavour. With hand-selected and exclusive British breed cattle, this beef offers an indulgent culinary experience for world-renowned chefs and home cooks alike. 

Tey’s quality beef is Meat Standards Australia (MSA) certified, offering rich flavour and high quality products every time. Don’t compromise on taste and standard when it comes to beef; Teys 36º South guarantees an exceptional product and eating quality all year round. Shop Teys’ latest beef range with Melrina Meats.