The Teys family has been involved in the Australian beef industry since 1946 when four Teys brothers formed a partnership involved in wholesaling and retailing meat in South-East Queensland. Since then, they have extended their family brand into household names, including their Riverine products.

Riverine beef is an award-winning grade of meat, offering rich flavours and mouth-watering textures. The quality of this beef is thanks to the temperate and lush climate of the Riverine region in New South Wales.

This beef is produced from hand-selected cattle which are entirely free from added hormones and growth promotants. This, along with a balanced diet of cereal grains, creates a rich and flavoursome texture and marbled appearance that is matched by no other.

Riverine Beef is certified by Meat Standards Australia (MSA), offering exceptional quality and an unrivalled culinary experience, every time.