Riverine Premium Beef is produced from carefully selected cattle of prime quality, that are raised in the lush, temperate Riverine region of Australia. Featuring luxurious, rich flavours and premium quality, Riverine is Australia’s choice for delectable beef products.

Riverine’s premium product features Meat Standards Australia (MSA) graded beef with a marble score of MB2+. Marbling is the amount of intramuscular fat within the muscle and is an important factor in tenderness, juiciness and flavour. The higher the marble score, the higher the quality of the beef.

Riverine Premium’s MSA + MB2+ marble score guarantees a minimum of 9/10 for eating quality. This means that when you cook and serve Riverine’s premium product, you can be sure that your guests will be thoroughly impressed. Finished on a balanced diet of cereal grain and raised on natural pastures, award-winning Riverine Beef is an industry leader in quality and taste.

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